Our Process

Vision: To be Believers who Make Disicples.

Mission:  Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations.


Step One-Engage      OUR WORSHIP


We want you to experience the following:

·      Worship

·      Encouragement

·      Edification

·      Fellowship

·      Commissioned for God

We want you to be Engaged in our Sunday Morning Worship Service. Preparing your heart for worship is key. Listen to what the Holy Spirit is teaching you and feel free to worship our Lord and Savior as the Spirit leads you.



We want you to have the opportunity to do the following:

·      Develop a relationship with Jesus

·      Defend your Faith

·      Know your Spiritual Gifts

·      Understand God’s Word in your life

·      Learn to Pray

·      Learn to Study

·      Grow in your Faith

·      See God work

·      Know God works

·      Trust God in your life

·      Lead people to Jesus


Step Three- Enlist    OUR SERVICE

 We want you to express your faith in the service ministry of our Church:

·      Lead A Small Group

·      Volunteer for Mission Activities

·      Go on short term mission trips

·      Serve A Committee

·      Teach A Bible Study

·      Serve with your Gifts

·      Seek community service projects

·      Get involved with our SBC Association, State, and Convention

·      Help Others


Step Four- Empower  OUR WITNESS

 We want you to become a Disciple Maker. We want to help you do the following:

·      Share Your Faith with Others

·      Be Accountable

·      Lead others in the Process of disciple making

·      Go, Make, Baptize, and Teach Others about Jesus