Our Team


Brother Craig Gilley

We have been blessed as a church and I am looking forward to our team reaching the community. I ask you to pray wherever you are that the Holy Spirit will lead you to individuals that need Jesus. Be ready to share your faith " As You Go."

Lets Get people Engaged!

Lets Equip people to Make Disciples!

Lets Enlist people to serve!

Lets Empower people to Go!

I Love You

Brother Craig

Karen Hayes - Children's Director


I am looking foward to establishing the firm foundation of Christ Jesus in our children at Hughes Memorial. I have a heart for teaching children.  Come see us and join our warm Christian family at Hughes Memorial!





Rick Hinkle (Minister of Education/Associate)

God puts people in our path for the purpose of leading them to a personal relationship with Christ through the Gospel.  Or He puts other Believers in our path for the purpose of encouraging them in their walk with Christ.

Brother Rick


Darrell Higginbotham (Minister of Music)

Music can shout “Alleluias”, offer praises and give thanks to our God.  Music can recite Psalms and scriptures, tell stories of Jesus, and comfort the troubled heart.  Music has no walls. It can share the Good News of Jesus everywhere at any time.

That is why I choose music as my way of ministering. I invite you to join me on this adventure at Hughes, where music is one of many ways we express our love to God

Brother Darrell